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My Daughter Kairi on Youtube ^^

My daughter loves playing with the vacuum! That is her Grandma laughing in the background.


Long overdue update

Wow, I have totally neglected this journal...I really wanted to use this as a fun place to share my interests and as a creative outlet of sorts. I'm going to try and do better in the future! Hwaiting!!!

So...what is going on with me lately?

I just got accepted into the nursing program at my local community college. If I can successfully get through summer quarter I'll have my AA degree. In the fall - nursing classes and I'll be off during summers from here on out. Score! Actually, I like taking classes in the summer. They are very laid back.

Last quarter a sociology paper I wrote won a prize. That was really cool. It feels a little surreal that my paper is in the library at my college for other students to study and use as a model. Weird.

My daughter is growing like a weed! She is so beautiful and such a big girl now! I love her to pieces. :)

I finally found a part-time job. I'm so relieved. My student loans just weren't cutting it. I only get paid once a month so things will still be tight for a while, but by October I should be set.

Well...I think that's it for now.

Later! v(^-^)v




This cracks me up! (And the misspelled word makes me itch)

First Post

Just a little post to get my journal up and running. Mostly I want to get the welcome to livejournal thingy off of my page.

I don't mind people friending me but I prefer it if we have similar interests. No friending just to increase your numbers please. And be sure to drop me a message as to why you want to friend me.

This journal will be mostly stuff that is going on in my life and stuff I find interesting.

That's it for now I guess...more to come! Please look forward to it! :D



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